Has it ever occured to you that a significant amount of listed reports at RipOffReport.com and Scamsiti.com are just ... 'fake'?
Has it ever occured to you that they encourge people to anonymously post whatever fabricated nonsense they possibly can drum up?
None of the posters are "verified". None of the reviews are "verified" on integrity and none of the RR Moderators are "verified"! They answer your emails using an anonymous name ...
They don't verify temp email accounts, they don't verify if you submit a VOIP phone number nor do they verify your IP address. I can visit the website using a VPN or Proxy Server and be totally anonymous!
So I was able to create a fake account with a fake email address, fake name using VOIP number and VPN connection to post an anonymous fabricated story on a fake person...
Within two hours they approved it! No questions asked ...

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The only thing they verify is how much money they will charge to "remove" a review which easily runs into thousands of dollars!
Makes me wonder Who is Ripping of Who? .....
Do you also feel like thousands of others that RipOffReport.com and Scamsiti.com are in fact the Ultimate Scammer? ...Or do you believe we need more of such pulp websites?
If so ... Let Us Know and Vote Below!
  Ripoffreport and Scamsiti are Scam Sites

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